Stand Up Magic

Stand Up Magic is ideal for formally organized theater or  sit-down dining affairs . With this kind of show, your guests can sit back relax and enjoy magic the way it was meant to be seen. Stand-up magic, sometimes calls platform magic, is perfect for groups of 25 to 500.

For very small groups, a Close-Up Magic show is magic at its most simplest, most direct and purest form. Normally for a group of 5 to 15 people, close-up magic is where the audience is right at the table with the magician, interacting with him and participating to the point where they feel like they are part of the show.

This kind of magic isn’t just limited to the table. Strolling Close-Up Magic or Walk-Around Magic is a way to deliver the impact of close-up magic to larger groups. This is where the Magician walks the floor of an event such as a wedding or company banquet and brings the magic to everyone—one small group at a time. This way every single person gets the same intimate, mind blowing experience.


This is just an overview of the kinds of entertainment options available to you.  Joseph De Paul makes the extra effort to tailor his show to your particular circumstance. Your venue could be in a living room, a banquet hall, or theater stage, and be for anything from a private party to company event to a trade show.

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