Magic Mondays for 12-8-14

Hey there, I’ve started a weekly video post over on my Facebook page that I wanted to bring over to the blog. Basically I’m going to find videos of great magicians that have had a big impact and me for your enjoyment. Make sure to like me page on Facebook to get the updates regularly.

This week I have a very good quality video of Fred Kaps performing close to the end of his life  but still in his prime. Kaps was a Dutch magician who was the rare blend of great sleight of hand performer and great showman. He is the only magician to win the FISM Grand Prix three times, but more importantly he was a great performer beloved by audiences all over the whole. In fact he was on the very same episode of the Ed Sullivan Show that featured the Beatles US debut. Kaps died in 1980 from cancer at the age of 53.