Going Mental!

So this past September/October, I’m not 100% which, marked my 6 years of practicing and performing magic. Believe it or not I think is was one the better decisions of my life. I have been very lucky with my experience in magic and the places it has taking me and people I have encounter along the way have left and indelibly positive mark on my life.

The reason why I bring this up is that over the last few weeks I was thinking about my act and what if anything I could add to it. I already have a pretty deep repertoire, but I like to work on new pieces every now and again.

So I went back to my working library to see what I could do from the Mentalism part of the magic spectrum. In a nut shell Mentalism, for those who don’t know, is a type of magic were the primary effect is that of mind-reading or magic done by the mind. I really don’t have a lot of Mentalism in my shows, at all in fact, however, over that last month I added three quick Mentalism effects as my new go to opener. I have to say I’m happy with the results.

So I as I start looking over the Mentalism material that I have collected over the years, stumble across stuff that I really had not done since the fall of 2008, Metal Bending. This little sub genre of Mentalism is the effect of bending metals objects such as spoons, forks, keys and nail with the mind.

This was one of the first effects I ever showed anyone (that wasn’t a card trick) when I was starting out. This was way before I moved to Virginia, before I found Denny & Lee in Maryland, and even before I found Tannen’s on a trip to New York. I was still living in California, just outside of San Jose in a town called Sunnyvale.

One day I was at my favorite hang out, a place called the Pizza Depot. I had been going cars trick for the regulars that hung out there for only a few weeks. Someone finally asked if I did anything other than card tricks. This a questions that pretty much every card magician gets. And lucky for me I had an answer, YES!

For me, at the time, it was only one other trick, but I could do something other than a card trick. And in this case it was Mental Bending. So I went ahead and did a little routine with a fork. Once done, I put the fork down(still bent), paid my bill and went on with my night.

A few days later I returned to the Pizza Depot and got a stern talking to by the owner!

“Don’t you ever bend another fork here again!”

“What? Why?”

So apparently, after I left, all the people who watched me perform the trick tried to figure out how I did it. They did this by bending their forks and spoons themselves, all of them, and didn’t bend them back. So the poor owner had a whole bunch of bent cutlery to deal with. He was less than happy.

I think it is time to bring this act back.

Bent Sppon