Busy Weekend in for Magic in Norfolk and Portsmouth

It’s Tuesday and that means it’s Blog day.

I guess the theme of this post is “Always be prepared!” Friday night I was performed for a fundraiser at Bruttis in Portsmouth, Virginia. Like I said last week the line was great. It was nice to see and talk with Joy Julian and Rob Reibold again. It had been awhile since I had last seen or spoken to either of them.

I had just come from the Open Mic at Old Dominion run by the College Club, The Stand-Up Monarchs. Just a little side note about the Stand-Up Monarchs. I think what they are doing is great. Comedy is a tough form of performing art and requires a lot of writing, patience and stage time. I think it is really good that there is a college club that lets young people really work out the kinks of performing while they are young(er). Also, it is always well worth a performer’s time to get out in front of different types of audiences to see how well their act plays. In this case it is a great way to gauge my how my act is received by college kids.

More to the point, after spending some time at Bruttis, the Show runner came up to me a said that the headliner Alex Scott wasn’t going to make it. Alex is one of those comedy warriors who tries to do a couple shows a night if he can. I’m the same way. As it turned out Alex had a show up in Richmond, Virginia that ran long and was not going to make it to Portsmouth.

I was pretty bummed out since we had worked together at the show at Langley AFB in Hampton and I was looking forward to seeing him kill it again. So instead I was asked to close the show out! Luckily for me I have gotten in the habit of bringing my whole show with me pretty much everywhere I go. It may sound like a lot but my act packs in to a Husky tool bag from Home Depot and a brief case from Office Depot. This way if I need to do extra time, like this night, it just a matter of going in to the bag and pulling out what I need. I’m happy to say the show was great everyone did well, and I had a lot of fun performing.

Joy and I hamming it up before the show at B'nai Israel.

Joy and I hamming it up before the show at B’nai Israel.

The next night I was at the Comedy show at B’nai Israel Synagogue in Norfolk’s Ghent neighborhood. This was just fun all the way around. I got to team up Joy and Rob again a long with a long list other great local comics. I did this show last year and I was delighted to be asked back. I remember some words of wisdom another magician had given me a few years back. He asked me how I know if I did a good show. Then he said “If they ask you back again the next time”

That’s it for today! Stay tune for more update and news to come.