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Magic Monday 12-22-14

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This week is #9 from my 10 Top Ten List. The Great Johnny Thompson

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Top 10 Best Magicians Part 2

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Greetings all! I hope last week you liked part 1 if you haven’t checked it out yet be sure to. Let’s get right in to it with #’s 5 to 1. 5. Penn & Teller: So full disclosure, Penn & Teller are my favorite act. P&T are the ultimate modern magic act. They have been working together since the late 70’s and interestingly enough neither of them are sure how exactly they met. Penn, the larger and louder half, was street performing juggler and Teller, the silent one, a magic geek who was teaching high school. Today,...

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Magic Mondays for 12-15-14

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Hello all, today is Magic Monday and for this Monday I thought it would be a great idea to link this weekly feature with my Tuesday Blog post  on my Top Ten Best Magician. I have already posted number 10 to 6 and I should have 5 to 1 up tomorrow. So what I thought I would do it for each Monday post a Video of a Magician  who is in my Top Ten list. So this week is the great comedy magician Roy Benson. Sadly, there isn’t much video of Benson on the internet but I was happy to find this one....

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10 Top Greatest Magicians Part 1

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So a website that I’ve never heard of called came up with a list of the 10 Best Magicians in the world. Here is their list: 10: Dynamo 9:  Dante 8: The Pendragons 7: Penn & Teller 6: Apollo Robbins 5: “Magic Babe” Ning 4: David Blaine 3: Criss Angle 2: Harry Houdini 1: David Copperfield So first thing I notice was the stunning amount of modern performers on this list (actually the first thing I noticed was this was a bad list). It seems like the whole of the mid 20th century was almost totally forgotten. I looked...

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Magic Mondays for 12-8-14

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Hey there, I’ve started a weekly video post over on my Facebook page that I wanted to bring over to the blog. Basically I’m going to find videos of great magicians that have had a big impact and me for your enjoyment. Make sure to like me page on Facebook to get the updates regularly. This week I have a very good quality video of Fred Kaps performing close to the end of his life  but still in his prime. Kaps was a Dutch magician who was the rare blend of great sleight of hand performer and great showman. He is the only magician to...

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Going Mental!

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So this past September/October, I’m not 100% which, marked my 6 years of practicing and performing magic. Believe it or not I think is was one the better decisions of my life. I have been very lucky with my experience in magic and the places it has taking me and people I have encounter along the way have left and indelibly positive mark on my life. The reason why I bring this up is that over the last few weeks I was thinking about my act and what if anything I could add to it. I already have a pretty deep repertoire, but I like to work on...

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Happy Thanksgiving

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Hello Gang! It is Tuesday and that means it is blog day. To be honest this past week was pretty low key especially when compared to the last two weeks. However, I do have a few things I do want to talk about. First thing I wanted to mention, and chances are I’ve talked about this before, is the new Trivia night in Newport News. I’ve been hosting at Neo Kitchen+Bar for about a month now and it has been going really well. Trivia starts at 7pm-ish and runs to 9pm-ish, much like the one at MJ’s on Wednesday. I plan to put a page...

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6 helpful tips for booking a Magician

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So when booking a magician, any magician, or any entertainer for the matter there are a few things everyone should know. The list below is pretty much a combination of helpful hints and frequently asked questions that I ask people how want to book me. The six items below can be subdivided in to a number of other lists but for now I’m going to try and keep it pretty general. Email is great a phone call is better: So yes, the future is here and from where ever you are you can communicate with anyone anywhere in the world. Email is great,...

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Busy Weekend in for Magic in Norfolk and Portsmouth

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It’s Tuesday and that means it’s Blog day. I guess the theme of this post is “Always be prepared!” Friday night I was performed for a fundraiser at Bruttis in Portsmouth, Virginia. Like I said last week the line was great. It was nice to see and talk with Joy Julian and Rob Reibold again. It had been awhile since I had last seen or spoken to either of them. I had just come from the Open Mic at Old Dominion run by the College Club, The Stand-Up Monarchs. Just a little side note about the Stand-Up Monarchs. I think what they are...

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Comedy Magic in Portsmouth, VA and more…

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Hey everyone. It’s Tuesday and I wanted to talk about an upcoming show I’ll be a part of in Portsmouth, VA this Friday. Also wanted to talk about some great show I was a part of the last few weeks. First let’s talk about the show that is coming up this Friday on November 14th at Bruttis in Olde Towne. I’ve preformed many times at Bruttis and love coming back. This week I will be part of a great line up, and all for a good cause. Six year old Reginald Charity has Cancer. We’re raising funds to assist with medical bills....

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