6 helpful tips for booking a Magician

So when booking a magician, any magician, or any entertainer for the matter there are a few things everyone should know. The list below is pretty much a combination of helpful hints and frequently asked questions that I ask people how want to book me. The six items below can be subdivided in to a number of other lists but for now I’m going to try and keep it pretty general.
  1. Email is great a phone call is better: So yes, the future is here and from where ever you are you can communicate with anyone anywhere in the world. Email is great, but much like a guided missile it can be fired and forgotten about. When you call and have a conversation you can get so much done very quickly without having to sit and wait for a reply email. Most importantly it can help clear up any misunderstandings.
  2. Be clear about what kind event you are having: Magic isn’t a one size fits all type of entertainment. There are many types of magic entertainment and some fit very well for certain events and don’t for others. Think about what your event is. Is this an event that might last two days for hours on end or will this be a one hour come and go event. Depending on what it is will directly affect the type of magical entertainment you are going to have.
  3. Be clear about the type of magic you want: Sometimes people planning events don’t know what type of magic they want or how to ask for it, sometimes they have a specific type of magic entertainment they want and it is wrong for the event and sometimes people are spot on. This is why you need to call and talk about it with your entertainer. If you are clear about what you want this will go a long way in helping the magician craft a show that will work best for your event. Do you want a stage show with illusions, something more like stand-up comedy, and small formal close up show, or strolling magic entertainment?
  4. Listen to your entertainer: Many of us have been doing this a long time and we have a good idea what works and what doesn’t. If you have a vision for something and the magician says “That isn’t going to work” don’t be upset and listen for why. For a performer to give you the best show possible the conditions should be as ideal for them as possible otherwise the overall product could suffer. Think about, you don’t want to set up your entertainer to fail!
  5. Be clear who the show is for: Different audiences like different things and by extension different kinds of shows. It is very important that the entertainer knows who is going to be there. It is a rather unpleasant shock when a magician shows up to a gig thinking they will be performing for teens and young adults and when they get there it is nothing but 5 year olds. You wouldn’t want to put a performer that doesn’t do kid shows in a position where they have to do a kid show. It is not fair to the performer or the kids, as neither are getting what they hoped for.
  6. Point of contact: This is an important one. There should be someone that the entertainer can call ahead of time so hammer out and details and direct questions to. I think any good entertain calls their point of contact when they are on their way to the gig, if they hit traffic, and when they have arrived. It is also important so that the entertainer knows where to go and who to talk to once they arrive. Most of the time magicians have never been to the venue before. If it is not a traditional performing arts venue but a condo rec center instead, then there is a good chance they might get lost or confusion can ensue. Always have someone that can be reached by phone for the entertainer.
So that’s good for now. Stay tune in the coming weeks I will have more helpful hints and tips about booking magic shows that will help to ensure that the best kind of entertainment to had by all.